As usual, Olvan’s policy is to constantly reinvest its resources into the Company in order to guarantee a constantly updated technology to safeguard the future productions of our customers.

In order to guarantee the big series high thickness parts production, we installed a new 2500 Tons press with slowing down system and 2 mobile surfaces of 5mt x 2 to reduce the production set up times.  A full automatic feeder for coil loading completes the structure, as well as manipulators and shuttles for handling of the cut and bent parts and deposit into standard containers.      

The Company Olvan has invested in new technology, with a particular attention to environment, clean energy and   renewable alternative sources. We installed a big photovoltaic system which lowers the CO2 emissions in the environment and reduced energy consumption thanks to the on site exchange. Also for lighting, the Company Olvan has made investments in led lighting in order to reduce light pollution and the use of energy sources. The use of geothermal science has contributed to solve the heating and heat reduction problems using heating thermo stripes combined with last generation systems in order to satisfy the environmental requests in the different seasons of the year. with law consumptions and reduced energy costs.