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Automatic steel sheet stamping | Robotic welding Tig – Mig – Mag- electronic discharge - braze welding – spot welding | Machining and finishing | KTL painting | powder coating | salt spray corrosion testing - Oiling | Laser cutting until 25 mm | Laser tube cutting | Tool design and construction

The Company Olvan S.p.A. is certified according to the ISO TS 16949 Norm and is operating since over 50 years in the metal engineering field with different products.
Our Company is specialised in the automotive, tractor and digger sector as well as industrial vehicles and offers to its main customers a complete production process. Starting from raw material in coils until S700MC with thicknesses until 12 millimetres, we can produce any component using cold stamping or laser cutting including all machining processes, welding, assembling up to the painted product ready for use.