Welding department


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The Welding Department has more than 20 robotic TIG-MIGwelding stations with arc pulsed welding with electronic discharge - braze welding – spot welding – with 5 and 6 axles robot and orbital rotating and horizontal 2 stations positioners. Furthermore we have robotic welding isles of the latest generation with 4 Fronius welding groups and NC with 6 axles robot, specific for the welding and assembling of chassis crossmembers, as well as double robot welding stations all equipped with pneumatic welding masks in order to guarantee the quality of our manufactures.

We have automatic spot welding installations as well as new robotic spot welding isles with automatic charge and discharge of the parts.

In this Department we have completely automatic welding isles, with 3D visual systems which allow the charge and discharge of the components and assemblies and their final stack.